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Welcome, my name is John Wallace. I am a proud, free-born, un-hypenated citizen of the greatest country the world has even known: the United States of America. I host two radio shows, write articles and speak at gatherings of free Americans about my belief that we, the free people of America, are in imminent danger of losing our individual Freedoms and Liberty to an ever growing and more intrusive federal government and to a lesser extent, ever growing and more intrusitve state governments.

With the continued issuance of unconstitutional Presidential Executive Orders that progressively chip away at our constitutinal rights and the continued, annual passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the arrest and indefinite detention of American Citizens without trial or other constitutional protections, all of our unalienable rights are now in danger. This danger to our individual freedoms and liberty, as well as our nation's sovereignty, is directly linked to passage of a large number of unconstitutional actions by the Neo-Commies (the new Commumists of the 21st Century) in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government, under both Democrat and Republican administrations, that have been occuring over many, many decades.

Below is a group of recent articles from the LIBERTY NEWS ON LINE website. Take a look at these news stories to see how we are fastly approaching a similar point in history as our country's founders were in the 1770's.

Our Founders repeatedly warned us of the dangers that a free America would face in the future and that the most serious danger to our Liberty would come from enemies within our own country. They also told us that it is not only an honor and a privilege to defend our Liberty, but that it is also "our sacred duty" to do so, not just for ourselves but for our children and our children's children.

This is a critical time in our country's history because our Liberty is once again in mortal danger, only this time it is not coming from some foreign power, but from incesant attacks by the Neo-Commies (the new Commumists of the 21st Century) in our own out-of-control federal, state and local governments, the biased national drive-by media, the socialist educational establishment, the international banksters, the globalists, the supporters of the United Nations, the international communists, the socialist billionaires and others who would take away our Liberty, our individual Freedoms and our country's sovereignty.
Just as those brave generations of Americans did before us,

This is Our Time to Stand Up and be counted!

This is Our Time to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and

This is Our Time for the American people to join together as one united force and reclaim our precious Liberty in America.

For the Republic,

John W. Wallace

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